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  • Australia5000 min
    India7599 min
    Pakistan650 min
    Singapore1600 min
    Japan8000 min
    Turkey5000 min
    China5000 min
    Canada10000 min
    Algeria1200 min
    Bangladesh8000 min
  • Brazil3501 min
    Egypt400 min
    France8000 min
    Germany5000 min
    Malaysia8000 min
    Mauritius900 min
    Afghanistan300 min
    Albania400 min
    Andorra800 min
    Angola420 min
  • Bangladesh8000 min
    Anguilla83 min
    Argentina2000 min
    Armenia900 min
    Aruba115 min
    Austria8000 min
    Azerbaijan400 min
    Bahamas700 min
    Bahrain700 min
    Barbados380 min

Call minutes are based on a £5 TALK HOME Calling Card using local access. Terms & Conditions