Who We Are

Our international calling card products and services were first delivered to the market in 2000, with a focus on providing great value calling solutions to international communities in the UK.

Today, the company has its headquarters in London, with an international presence in Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Hong Kong. The company's products and services have made it a world-class telecommunications retailer with over 90 products selling in over 10 countries globally. Our market presence spans across France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Netherlands and the UK, with plans for continued growth throughout mainland Europe.

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  • Australia5000 min
    India7599 min
    Pakistan650 min
    Singapore1600 min
    Japan8000 min
    Turkey5000 min
    China5000 min
    Canada10000 min
    Algeria1200 min
    Bangladesh8000 min
  • Brazil3501 min
    Egypt400 min
    France8000 min
    Germany5000 min
    Malaysia8000 min
    Mauritius900 min
    Afghanistan300 min
    Albania400 min
    Andorra800 min
    Angola420 min
  • Bangladesh8000 min
    Anguilla83 min
    Argentina2000 min
    Armenia900 min
    Aruba115 min
    Austria8000 min
    Azerbaijan400 min
    Bahamas700 min
    Bahrain700 min
    Barbados380 min

Call minutes are based on a £5 TALK HOME Calling Card using local access. Terms & Conditions